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U13s v Folkestone

Date Time Team Opponent Competition H/A Result
1st Dec 201911.00amU13sFolkestoneFriendlyAway5-9

We travelled to our friends at Folkestone on a lovely sunny but chilly morning with a warm welcome as always warmer for some having breakfast in a warm clubhouse!! 

We had 13 boys available so it was backs against the wall with no subs. The game started brightly with us scoring first then a quick reply from Folkestone. The boys settled down and played some of the rugby that we the coaches, know they can but need to believe it in themselves, to score a couple of more times in the first half, and then a huge confusion in our own 5 metre, ended in a knock on against us so a scrum was awarded. 

The boys set themselves up as we trained last week and produced a huge effort and pushed them back and won the ball back to clear the pressure (see boys training works!!!) The scrum was very strong all game. 

Some good break down work by both teams saw the rest of the half closely contested, a total mix up by us over our own try line allowed them to nip in and steel a score.

Both sides made more tries before the break half time score of 5-3 to Ash.

After a well deserved breather and water, the boys took to the field and started very fast with a couple of tries Folkestone also scored. A couple more as the boys started to look tired as was expected but all credit to them all, it was time to dig in and empty the tank, which paid off with more tries for us the final score of 5-9 to Ash. 

All I can say is well done boys a fantastic shift was put in and as we have always said the hard work and team spirit pays off, work for each other and the game works. 

There's still things to work on, but huge improvements all over the pitch from everyone. It was nice to see the smile back on your faces let's push on from here. 

Next weeks training will be focused on how to put on a tie!!!!! (The picture tells it all) 

Author: Neil