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U12s v Whitstable

Date Time Team Opponent Competition H/A Result
21st Apr 201910.00amU12sWhitstableWith Czech Touring SideAway2-5

Whitstable & Ashford 2 - 5 Ash.

Easter Sunday normally a weekend off from rugby but this year we were lucky to be invited to attend a festival at Whitstable, which saw us play 3 games against 2 sides from the Czech republic, a club called Mountfield Ricany and a combined side from Whitstable and Ashford.

The weather was HOT!!!!! This isn't rugby weather but the spectators didn't seem to mind the change from the coats and wool hats.

The first game was against the first Czech Republic side in which a very hard physical contest was played they were very strong in defence and excellent in the kicking game, something that we had to get used to as we hadn't come across this style of play much in the season. We managed to score in the first 5 minutes and then it was just hanging on in defence and strong attacking play to the end of the game a result of 1-0 to Ash.

After a well deserved break and plenty of water we played a second team from the Czech Republic, which was as hard as the first but a little more open due to some great passing and running good lines by both sides. We went 1-0 down early on but showed some great character and worked hard to get back into the game and scored 3 tries. The Mountfield side never gave up and was rewarded with a try at the end making a final score of 3-2 to Ash.

Our third game was against a team made up from Whitstable and Ashford in which we managed to play extremely well and as a team supporting each other in attack and defence, in which we managed to over power them with a little bit more strength in ball, carrying to score 5 tries. Whitstable & Ashford managed to score twice in return, final score 5-2 to Ash.

We were then invited to play a final game in which we teamed up as a barbarian team, to play a final game against the Czech Republic with all the players that still had energy to play. The game was played with some high energy at the end of a very tiring morning in hot conditions in which the Czech Republic side managed to win 2-1.

I would just like say well done to the boys that took part, great effort as always you really are becoming a team that you should all be proud of. I know that I speak for myself and Will, that we are very proud of the way you have all developed over the season and becoming better and better keep up the great work !!!

The morning was ended with hotdogs and the exchanging of gifts and sweets for all the children. I would like to thank Whitstable for the opportunity to participate in a great morning of rugby in which rugby was the winner once again !!!!

Author: Neil