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Ash RFC Guinness 6 Nations Challenge



Following a brilliant Autumn International series and with the World Cup next Autumn, the 2019 6 Nations is expected to be one of the best ever.
You can be involved by paying extortionate prices to go and watch an international, or you can turn up at the club and watch them on the big screen with others and a beer or two. To make your experience even more interesting you can take part in the 6 Nations Challenge.
This is a light hearted competition where you have to predict the winning team in each of the 15 matches. The person with the most correct predictions wins half the pot with the other half going to the club. The first year it ran Neil Gault correctly predicted all 15! No one has got near it since.
All it costs is £1.00 to predict a line or for £2.00 you can predict a second line and have a third free! Forms will be available at the club on the first weekend in January (Saturday and Sunday) or on the Website, under “Information” and then “Documents”. It’s named “Ash RFC 6 Nations Challenge 2018”.
All forms must be handed in before the first match starts which is France v Wales on Friday 1st February in the evening. 
Let’s get as many people involved as possible!