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Minis and Juniors Tour 2019



The weekend of May 10th to the 12th saw the first mini and junior tour in which a combined group from the minis and juniors went to kingswood adventure centre in Ashford.

The weekend started on the Friday afternoons and evening with people arriving at the Dunn farm campsite just outside ashford, to set up for the weekend with a wide range of accommodation, on view from the large executive to the, what can only be described as compact for 2 people (NEIL!!!!!) everyone was treated to a fish and chip supper round the fire with roasted marshmallows and a couple of drinks (only to keep warm of course???). Then off to bed to get some sleep to be fresh for the activities in the morning, or that's what most people thought apart from the under 12s who decided sharing a tent would be a good idea? I think they managed a maximum of 4 hours sleep upsetting the german neighbours in the process!

An early start Saturday after a cold night, but bacon sandwiches and tea soon sorted everyone out and prepared us for the day. We arrived at Kingswood activity centre at 9am and issued with fantastic tour t-shirts for the children. The activities were problem solving, den building, obstacle course and what I think was most peoples favourite a 3g swing, which can only be described as being hoisted to a near death experience by the screams and facial expressions on most of the participants adults included. We had 2 activities in the morning followed by lunch at which point the heavens opened but stopped again by the time we started for the afternoon, which added more entertainment on the obstacle course, as the puddles made more of a reason to hang on to the ropes but some seamed more than happy to be in the muddy puddle at the bottom of the zip wire.

After a great days activities we returned to the campsite where the new comers to camp put up their tents in the rain and as soon as they were finished out came the sun and the cricket and football began. We all enjoyed and fantastic barbecue sat round the fire again with lots laughs and some light refreshment to wash it down with more roasted marshmallows sandwiched between 2 chocolate biscuits I think pre season may be harder than first thought for some!!!! Then everyone off to bed for a good night sleep even the Under 12s slept!!!!

Sunday saw a lovely warm sunny morning with a good breakfast we should of been playing ashford but unfortunately they had to pull out late on. So instead we had several games of rounders with all the children playing together which is what it is all about and our great club is so good at. We all headed off by lunch time to find the comfort of home and a warm soak in the bath and some clean clothes, I do believe some had the same pants on for 3 days, you know who you are!!!!!

It just leaves me to say a huge thank you to Jo Irwin and Kelly Lott for all the fantastic organisation to put on such an enjoyable weekend. Also to all the people that helped out with the cooking and clearing you all deserve a massive pat on the back for all your efforts to allow the children and parents to have such fun. Everyone I spoke to said it was great to see all the children playing together from all the age groups mixing in just kids being kids. Also a thank you must be said to all the coaches for their dedication and efforts over the season well done to you all!!!

One final thank you to all the players and parents for your continued support over the last season without you none of it would happen.

Have a great summer and we will see you again in September!