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Guinness 6 Nations Challenge 2020



Here we go again folks, the World Cup is over and the 6 nations is not far away. At least we can guarantee that it will be won by a northern hemisphere side.

It can also be won by you; all you have to do is to get your hands on an entry sheet, fill it in as the instructions tell you to and hand it in (with the money) to John Evs before the first game starts.

Last season the competition and the cash prize went to school girl Maddie Ward who seriously kicked ass of all those "experts" who thought they knew something about rugby. It was really quite simple, in an interview with Rugby World Maddie said that it was clear that Wales were the only team capable of winning the grand slam so that was 5 matches correct, Italy would lose another 4 so that only left 6 matches to consider. Something to think about there.

So come on have a go; the more who enter the greater the prize money which could include second and third place prizes!

The entry form is on our website in the 'documents' section under 'information'.