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RFU & Update on Coronavirus



The RFU have released their basic plan for getting the senior game, along with the minis & juniors game back up and running for the 2020/21 season.

The link to their plans can be found here.

The basic plan is to have 3 windows of what would happen at different dates. The later the season starts the less games there will be, but this is all dependent on how rugby reacts to the virus.

Regarding Ash, we are working to find a way where we can restart training again safely and effective, most importantly within the guidelines of the RFU's Return to Rugby Roadmap. We will keep everyone updated on when we plan to open training to all players and new players who are interested in playing. If you are interested in playing Rugby at Ash, either contact Geoff, our Head Coach, or contact us via our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), where we can give updates.

Please be patient with us as safety takes priority!