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The 6 Nations Challenge Results!



They think it's all over, it is now!

Yes at long last the 2020 6 Nations comes to an end and I can announce the results. A nail biting afternoon and evening was experienced at the pavilion with fortunes switching as results came in. The day started with Mick Smalley in pole position having correctly predicted 11 out of the 12 results correctly. However he was let down by the Welsh, well it serves him right for all the unpleasant things he has said about them and their liking of sheep. The second match won by England left it all square with Mick, Lewis Hopkins, Sam Gunter and former winner Neil Gault all level on 12 / 14. Mick and Lewis had predicted an Irish win while Sam and Neil had opted for France. Therefore it was between Neil and Sam for the first prize of £50. Neil had predicted 85 tries with Sam going for 93. There were 74 tries scored so Neil wins with Sam a worthy second. When the competition was launched it was stated that the winner would receive £50 and the second place up to £25 depending on the uptake. Sorry Sam you get just £6, enough to buy you 2 pints of Spitfire lager when we open again!

There were 10 other entrants who had a 12 / 15 result so the try tie break ranked them as follows.

3. Caz Gunter

4. Carol Evans

5. Geoff Gunter

6. Paul Ralph

7. Al Warner

8. Neil Dymant

9. Mick Smalley

10. Lewis Hopkins

11. Poppy Gault

12. Henry Lawn

Thanks to everyone who took part and helped create an extra interest in the 6 nations. It will not be many months until the next 6 Nations, the competition has to be in some doubt depending on the state of Covid 19. Distributing completing and submitting entry forms may be a challenge too far. If anyone has a bright idea of how this can be achieved please let me know.

John Evans