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1st XV

1st XV - Ash Rugby Club Team

League Details

Late Red 3

Contact Details

Coach: Geoff Gunter, 07775 610472,

Admin: Geoff Gunter, 07775 610472,

Training Times

Date/Time: Tuesday 19:00-21:00

Venue: Ash RFC

Fixtures & Results

8th Sep 20183.00pm1st XVThanet Wanderers IIIFriendlyHome19-12More
15th Sep 20183.00pm1st XVEdenbridge ILate Red 3Home27-27More
22nd Sep 20183.00pm1st XVCranbrook IILate Red 3Away38-14More
23rd Sep 20183.00pm1st XVLordswoodKent VaseHome3-29More
29th Sep 20183.00pm1st XVMedway IVLate Red 3Home22-22More
6th Oct 20183.00pm1st XVSevenoaks IVLate Red 3Home17-14More
13th Oct 20183.00pm1st XVGravesend IIILate Red 3Away26-19More
20th Oct 20183.00pm1st XVWhitstable IILate Red 3Home33-15More
27th Oct 20183.00pm1st XVWeavering Warriors ILate Red 3Away33-0More
17th Nov 20182.30pm1st XVTunbridge Wells IIILate Red 3Away33-27More
24th Nov 201812.00pm1st XVTrainingHome-More
1st Dec 20182.00pm1st XVFolkestone IILate Red 3Home26-12More
8th Dec 20182.00pm1st XVAshford IILate Red 3Away29-13More
15th Dec 20182.00pm1st XVEdenbridge ILate Red 3Away33-21More
28th Dec 20186.00pm1st XVAsh Veterans XVFriendly Floodlit MatchHome-More
5th Jan 20192.00pm1st XVCranbrook IILate Red 3Home23-28More
12th Jan 20192.00pm1st XVMedway IVLate Red 3AwayP-PMore
19th Jan 20192.00pm1st XVAshford BarbariansKent SalverHome52-0More
26th Jan 20192.00pm1st XVSevenoaks IVLate Red 3Away40-19More
2nd Feb 20192.00pm1st XVFaversham IKent Salver Quarter FinalHome17-20More
9th Feb 20192.00pm1st XVWhitstable IILate Red 3Away7-20More
16th Feb 20192.30pm1st XVWeavering Warriors ILate Red 3Home3-19More
2nd Mar 20193.00pm1st XVLeigh ILate Red 3Home51-17More
9th Mar 20192.30pm1st XVTunbridge Wells IIILate Red 3Home40-0More
16th Mar 20192.30pm1st XVLeigh ILate Red 3Away40-0More
23rd Mar 20193.00pm1st XVFolkestone IILate Red 3Away12-31More
30th Mar 20193.00pm1st XVAshford IILate Red 3Home22-38More
6th Apr 20193.00pm1st XVGravesend IIILate Red 3Home66-7More
13th Apr 20191.00pm1st XVMedway IVLate Red 3Away21-80More


We currently have no players for this team. Please check back later.

Latest News

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