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U12s - Ash Rugby Club Team

Contact Details

Coach: Chris Rooke, 07584 390869,

Training Times

Date/Time: Sunday Mornings 10am - 12pm

Venue: Ash RFC

Fixtures & Results

3rd Sep 202310.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
10th Sep 202310.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
17th Sep 202311.00amU12sAshfordFriendlyAway-More
24th Sep 202311.00amU12sWhitstableFriendlyHome-More
1st Oct 202311.00amU12sTBCPhase 1 Round 1Home-More
8th Oct 202311.00amU12sSittingbourneFriendlyAway-More
15th Oct 202311.00amU12sTBCPhase 1 Round 1 Extra RoundHome-More
22nd Oct 202311.00amU12sTBCPhase 1 Round 2Home-More
29th Oct 202310.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
5th Nov 202311.00amU12sFolkestoneFriendlyHome-More
12th Nov 202311.00amU12sDoverFriendlyHome-More
19th Nov 202311.00amU12sTBCPhase 1 Round 2 Extra RoundHome-More
26th Nov 202311.00amU12sThanetFriendlyAway-More
3rd Dec 202310.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
10th Dec 202310.00amU12sTBCPhase 1 Round 3Home-More
17th Dec 202311.00amU12sThanetFriendlyHome-More
24th Dec 202312.00amU12sNo TrainingChristmas BreakHome-More
31st Dec 202312.00amU12sNo TrainingChristmas BreakHome-More
7th Jan 202411.00amU12sTBCPhase 2 Round 1Home-More
14th Jan 202411.00amU12sDoverFriendlyHome-More
21st Jan 202411.00amU12sSittingbourneFriendlyHome-More
28th Jan 202411.00amU12sTBCPhase 2 Round 1 Extra RoundHome-More
4th Feb 202411.00amU12sTBCPhase 2 Round 2Home-More
11th Feb 202410.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
18th Feb 202411.00amU12sAshfordFriendlyHome-More
25th Feb 202411.00amU12sFolkestoneFriendlyAway-More
3rd Mar 202411.00amU12sTBCPhase 2 Round 2 Extra RoundHome-More
10th Mar 202410.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
17th Mar 202410.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
24th Mar 202410.00amU12sTBCPhase 2 Round 3Home-More
31st Mar 202412.00amU12sNo TrainingEaster BreakHome-More
7th Apr 202410.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
14th Apr 202410.00amU12sTrainingHome-More
21st Apr 202411.00amU12sWhitstableFriendlyAway-More
28th Apr 202410.00amU12sTrainingHome-More

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